Mahendra Singh Dhoni Appointment Letters

What to believe? Is it a mockery? For the uninitiated, Mahendra Singh Dhoni captained the Indian national cricket team for several years. 

MS Dhoni as Ticket Collector in Indian Railways
Mahendra Singh Dhoni's basic pay was Rs 3,050 when he was appointed as a Ticket Collector in Indian Railways back in 2001. His educational qualification? High School.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Room
A 10x12ft space that M.S. Dhoni shared together with 3 other friends

M.S Dhoni's job at India Cements in 2012.

India Cements - M.S. Dhoni Appointment Letter
M.S. Dhoni hired for a basic pay of Rs. 43,000 by India Cements in 2012. Seriously?