Subclusters in rich clusters of galaxies

Came across this in a research paper titled - "Tuning Fork" Classification of Rich Clusters of Galaxies published by Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Vol. 83, No. 493.

"Superficially, clusters of galaxies appear to be relaxed systems similar to globular star clusters. However in 1971 the American astronomer Herbert J. Rood and the Indian American astronomer Gummuluru N. Sastri of Wesleyan University noted that there is a class of clusters called "binary", dominated by two bright galaxies. The comparatively nearby Coma Cluster belongs to this class, which constitutes 10% of all rich clusters."

There also is another paper with the title "CLUSTERS ASSOCIATED WITH SUPERGIANT GALAXIES" and authored by GUMMULURU N. SASTRY of Van Vleck Observatory, Wesleyan University which dates back to August 22, 1967 and then another paper from 1970 titled "FAINT BLUE OBJECTS IN cD CLUSTERS OF GALAXIES" which are all great reads. Turns out Mr. Sastry made several scientific contributions in Astrophysics, Observational Astronomy and Astrobiology.

That was a very pleasant surprise and just WOW!

For the uninitiated, he is none other than THE Gummuluru N. Sastry aka Gummaluri Sastry garu from the classic Tollywood (Telugu) movie Padamati Sandhya Ragam. His name is also butchered in USA as Gummulura N Sastry, Gummubru N Shastry, Ummuluru Sastry and Gummulru N Shasty.

Born on Aug 27th 1937 in Godavari district (Andhra Pradesh, India), Gummuluru Sastry finished his MSc degree from Osmania University and then came to USA in 1965 for Masters in Astrophysics but went on to receive a Doctorate.

After his contributions to Astrophysics, he later worked as a Noise and Vibration specialist with Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) /  De Leuw, Cather & Company (now Parsons). If you ever rode Washington Metro, you can credit Gummaluri N. Sastry for suppressing the squeals and noise attributed to train rides.

Together with his friend Meer Abdulla, they produced and acted in the epic hit Padamati Sandhya Ragam released in 1987. They self-produced the movie back in the day in USA for about USD 200,000 with some help from family and friends. In later years, Gummaluri Sastry also ventured into direction with a movie called Atu America Itu India bankrolled by Amith Limaye of Logistic Solutions Inc but turned out to be a disaster at the Box office.

Around 2008, his friend Meer Abdulla announced a sequel to Padamati Sandhya Ragam with the title "Maro Sandhya Raagam" but the project got shelved when Gummaluri who lived in Clarksburg, MD passed away in sleep on November 24-25, 2008 at age 71.

He was cremated in Montgomery county in Maryland. He is survived by his wife, daughter and her family. He was a beloved husband of Kanaka Durgavathi Sastry, father of Kameswari Sastry, father-in-law of Srinivas Bhandaru and grandfather of Sakuntala, Ganesh and Kavita. Not to mention, has countless friends and admirers.

I wish one day I could meet his family to learn more about this great personality. Mrs. Sastry currently resides at the Weatherstone Spring retirement home community in Cary, NC. 

"Gummuluru Sastry garu was my friend and guide for 27+ years during which time we successfully completed many many artistic, cultural and movie projects in USA and India, including an award-winning movie called Padamati Sandhya Ragam (1987). In addition to his many talents, what amazes me most about Him was his ever-smiling face, easy-going demeanor, and ever-compassionate treatment of fellow human beings! To me, he comes closest to being the Lord Himself on earth. May his life become a guiding post to all who knew Him. And, may his Soul Rest in Peace!", writes Meer Abdulla in memoriam of this great human being.